Alert – IDPH Schedules Hearing in Wheaton on 4-18

Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) has scheduled an additional hearing on Rule Changes for Monday, April 18, 2016 in Wheaton. If medical freedom is important to you and your family, please plan to attend.

IDPH Proposed Rules Hearing Monday April 18th
DuPage County Health Department
111 N County Farm Rd
Lower Level – Room 1
Wheaton IL 60187

And the April 11 hearing:

IDPH Proposed Rules Hearing
Monday April 11th
State Capitol Building – Room 212
301 S. 2nd Street
Springfield Il 62707

Please be prepared with a written comment to read or submit before the Board. Each attendee is allowed up to 3 minutes to speak. Click here for more info on hearing procedure. MAKE IT PERSONAL. TELL YOUR STORY. The public may also lodge complaints about Public Act 099-0249 that went into effect October 16, 2015.  Agencies are required to allow the public to suggest rule revisions.  Additionally, JCAR may open an investigation into an existing rule on its own volition or based on public complaint.

Points to consider:

Rules are designed to reflect the law, not to change or to supersede it.

These Rules are expanding the current vaccine schedule, requiring more mandates outside of the current law

The law CLEARLY states the Certificate of Religious Exemption is required for only K, 6th and 9th grades. These Rules are proposing to add preschool, special education, higher education, and all years transferring.

By limiting exemptions for natural immunity, these Rules are encouraging over vaccination.

Allowing schools to approve or deny religious exemptions is a violation of the 14th amendment.

Fiscal implications have not been considered, since these Rules extend beyond the statute.

Public Act 099-0249 should be retracted and the religious exemption to vaccines return to its original form. From the beginning it has caused nothing but confusion between all parties involved.

For more information click here.