IVAC sends IDPH FOIA request re: school vaccine exemptions

Illinois Vaccine Awareness Coalition (IVAC)
P.O. Box 946, Oak Park, IL 60303
www.IllinoisVaccineAvareness .org

6 August 2015

Nirav Shah, M.D., JD, Director
Illinois Department of Public Health
C/o William Bryant, Acting FOIA Officer
FAX: 217-557-3497

Dear Dr. Shah:

Under FOIA, please answer:

  • 1) When will the vaccination Certificate of Exemption be available?
  • 2) If the certificate is delayed, can parents/guardians use their previous vaccination objection statement?
  • 3) Who is the local school authority stated in PA 099-0249?
  • 4) What criteria does IDPH provide to the school authority determining the validity of parents’/guardians’ personal religious belief objection?
  • 5) Is a child, with a valid objection, in compliance for state funding?

Thank you.

For our children’s sake,


Barbara A. Mullarkey, president

cc: Eric M. Madiar, Chief legal Counsel & Parliamentarian, Office of the Senate President

FAX: 217-782-3242