IVAC ACTION ALERT – Calls Needed 2/25 – 2/26

df -Measles Mania-

Calls are needed Monday (2/25) and Tuesday (2/26) to respond to the Energy & Commerce Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee hearing on the current measles outbreak and response efforts that will be held Wednesday (2/27) morning at 10 a.m.Illinois committee member:Jan Schakowsky –D (202) 225-2111 Wash D.C; (847)328-3409 Evanston

Energy and Commerce Chairman: Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ) – (202) 225-4671
Ranking Member: Greg Walden (D) (202) 225-6730
Oversight and Investigations Sub. Chair; Diana DeGette (D-CO) (202) 225-4431
Oversight and Investigations Ranking Mem.:Brett Guthrie (R-KY) (202) 225-3501

Also call Illinois Officials:
Illinois Senator Durbin 202.224.2152  or (312) 353-4952
Illinois Senator Duckworth 202) 224-2854 or (312) 886-3506
Your Illinois House Representative can be found at https://www.house.gov/representatives

The vaccine industry is creating hysteria over a trivial measles outbreak to eliminate vaccination rights. FDA Director, Scott Gottlieb, on CNN threatened federal action to eliminate religious and secular exemptions from vaccine mandates to attend school. Call the White House at (202) 456-1111 and politely let the staffer know you would like to see a new head of the FDA.

This is not a national emergency because of 101 cases of measles in a country of 330 million people, The true crisis is the autism rate of 1 in 34 children in some states and the fact that 54% of American children have one or more chronic health conditions.

According to the Illinois State Board of Education, in 2017-18 school year,
25,754 Illinois children received special education for autism and 37,586 for developmental delays. Every year the number goes up yet where are the vaccine safety studies on ingredients, receiving multiple vaccines and long- term effects. Incredibly, the Secretary of HHS has never filed the required biennial report to Congress, as required by the 1986 Vaccine Injury Compensation Act, detailing  what improvements were made in vaccine safety. Gross negligence. Not to be out done,.Illinois has a law restricting mercury- containing vaccines enacted in 2006. The Illinois Department of Public Health has by passed this law every year claiming a shortage allowing children and pregnant women to possibly receive a vaccine with mercury. The FDA has admitted, for the first time, that government agencies, including the CDC, are recommending vaccines for pregnant women that have neither been licensed for pregnant mothers by the FDA nor tested for safety in clinical trials.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. says, “As a nation, we can no longer pretend our trusted agencies are protecting our children. It is time to hold federal agencies accountable.”

Click here for further talking points by the Children’s Health Defense.

Thank you for all you do. For the children’s sake.

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