STEP 1 – Go to Senate Hearing Page¬†and go to SB0741. At the end of the row is the icon to “Create a Witness Slip”
*If you have the time, we suggest creating an account. This will allow for fast and easy signing in the future.*
STEP 2- complete the witness slip online
IDENTIFICATION- Complete your contact information.
Business or title put NONE.
(Unless you have a degree, then you should use your credentials)
Do not list your employer, unless you are officially representing the business.
REPRESENTATION- You are representing yourself, unless otherwise designated by an official group.
POSITION- Opponent
TESTIMONY – Record of Appearance Only. You do NOT have to be present to check this! You will not be called to testify.
You do not need to be a registered voter in Illinois, but you do need to be an Illinois resident (requires an Illinois address to complete the slip).
You can complete a slip even if you cannot physically be present at the hearing. You will not be called to testify if you choose “record of appearance only”