The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) is using the rule making process to change immunization policy.

Dear Illinois families concerned about vaccine choice: Your voice NEEDS to be heard!
The IDPH should not be allowed to abuse the rule making process, supersede the law, and circumvent the statute as it is written.

The proposed changes to the rules will affect your family in the following ways:

• Doctors are made the “gate-keeper” of your religious exemption, with their signature being required before K, 6th, 9th, daycare, secondary education, special education, transferring schools, as well as private and independent schools  (S665.510 d)

• Expanding the current vaccine schedule, requiring more mandates outside of the current law (665.230 a11&12, 665.240  c1&2, d3&4, k1).

• Encouraging over vaccinating by limiting exemptions for natural immunity (665.240 c2, f2, g2, i2&4, j2)

• Allowing the school to approve the validity of religious exemptions, which is a violation of the 14th amendment (665.510 e).

• Fiscal implications have not been considered since these rules go beyond the statute. The legislators were never able to see the financial effects this bill would have on the State (665.230 a11&12, 665.240 c1&2, d3 &4, k1)

The following information is missing from the proposed rules, and should be added to reflect the current law:

•  A health care provider may use their clinical judgment to determine whether a child may be more susceptible to experiencing an adverse vaccine reaction, and may exempt the child (medical exemption) or adopt an individualized immunization schedule.

• Require every health care provider to provide each parent with the Vaccine Information Statement (VIS), which is both state and federal law.

Review the proposed Rule changes:

Review the current law:

How Rules Are Made in Illinois

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