Regarding IDPH Proposed Rule Changes

Public Act 99-0249

Dear Senator/Representative [                 ],

I am a constituent, and I am very concerned that the IDPH has proposed rule changes that are attempting to restrict my vaccine exemption rights, and force my family to get more vaccines. The proposed rule changes that are supersede the current statute are:

  • 665.510 d
  • 665.230 a 11&12
  • 665.240 c 1&2, d 3&4, f 2, g 2, i 2&4, j 2, k 1
  • 665.510 e

I have already submitted my objections to the IDPH during the 45 day comment period.

I am requesting that you, as my elected official, also contact both the IDPH and the members of JCAR, and encourage them to withdraw these proposed rules. They should begin again, and write rules to reflect ONLY what is stated in the current statute, and make no attempt to restrict my rights or force my family to have more vaccines, when this is not what is allowed in the current law.

Thank you for your time.

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