It is time to advocate and educate. Get informed. We need to retain our right to decide what goes into our bodies and those of our children.


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Censorship on social media is taking down anyone questioning the vaccine mandate hysteria in this country. Many people rely on our FB page but if that is taken down we will need your email to contact you.


Children Health Defense (CHD) is a wonderful resource for vaccine advocacy and many other issues facing our children today. Please consider donating to CDH as they are in the forefront fighting for our children across the country. Not only can you learn about the latest research that is being censored in the main stream media but they have compiled the data and facts for you ready to download and send out to your friends and legislators.

Children’s Health Defense – Health Freedom – Mandate Toolbox

Please print out material and send to your Illinois Springfield Representative and Senator. If you have time send it to both their local office and Springfield office by postal mail. You can find your Springfield Representative and Senator Here.

Other Resources:

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