New Meningitis Vaccine Requirement

August 6, 2015

Back-to-School shots: Be prepared

Parents and guardians need to question the back-to-school meningitis vaccine for 6th and 12th grade girls and boys, signed by Gov. Pat Quinn Aug. 16, 2013.. Why now, 2 years later?

Here are questions for your health professional, school authority and Springfield representative and senator:

  • 1) Why have the 3 possible meningitis vaccines (Menactra, Menomune, and Menveo) not been evaluated for cancer, or gene change potential or male fertility impairment?
  • 2) Why, since 2006, does Illinois Department of Public Health” continue to issue declaration exemptions based on supply shortages, thus nullifying the Mercury-Free Vaccine law?
  • 3) Does Menomune multidose vial, containing 25 micrograms of thimerosal (49.6 % mercury) violate the spirit of Illinois 2005 Mercury-Free Vaccine law signed by Gov. Rod Blagojevich

The Mercury-Free Vaccine Act of 2005 states: “Commencing January 1, 2008, no person shall be vaccinated with a vaccine or injected with any product that contains, or prior to dilution, had contained as an additive, any mercury based product, whether at preservative or trace amount levels.”

“Many Illinois parents believe vaccines are mercury-free,” says Barbara Mullarkey, IVAC’s president. “What a sad commentary on Illinois elected state officials who permitted this exemption declaration loophole since 2006.”

The question remains, “Is it against the U.S. Constitution for a public school body to decide validity of parents/guardians personal religious grounds for vaccination objection?

Gov..Bruce Rauner, on August 3, 2015, signed the School Code-Vaccination Exemption law which includes:

a health professional visit, a discussion of vaccination benefits and health risks culminating in the professional’s certificate signature; it also allows vaccine package inserts be given to students who want vaccines

Could this vaccine discussion and information exchange come weeks before a possible shot to educate students, and parents/ guardians about vaccines’ ingredients and adverse reactions?

P.S. According to IDPH’s Carol Finley, they hope to have a posted form soon for the public, schools, and physicians awareness.