RE: SB1410 – Letter to Sen. Harmon


20 April 2015

Dear Senator Harmon:
Please vote NO on SB 1410 for the reasons included in 2 letters sent to Sen. Mulroe.  This bill further burdens families of children with special needs.
Thank you for inviting Dr. Robert Kennedy to speak at your committee.
For our children’s sake,
Barbara A. Mullakey, president
encl:  April 2, 11, 20, 2015 letters to Sen. Mulrose
          Vaccines with thimerosal (49.6% mercury):
          Flu vaccines:
          Afluria CSL Ltd.
          Flulaval Sanofi Pasteur
          Fluvirin Novartis
          Fluzone:  standard, high-dose, intradermal Biomedical Corp of Quebec
          Japanese encephalitis Ixiaro
          Meningococvcal  (MPSV4) Menomune
          Td Mass Biologics
          21 vaccines with aluminum