IVAC Letter to Senator Don Harmon

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IVAC Letter to Senator Don Harmon.

Illinois Vaccine Awareness Coalition (IVAC)
P.O Box 946, Oak Park, IL 60303

15 May 2014
Sen. Don Harmon
c/o Maureen Williams
FAX: 217-558-6013
PH: 217-782-8176

Dear Sen. Harmon:

1) a) What is Illinois Dept. of Public Health/Immunization
Advisory Committee (IAC) doing to change vaccination
religious exemption requirements?

b) What bills are before the legislature regarding exemption

2) Is this an attempt to change Illinois

a) School Code (105 ILCS 5/27-8.1)

b) Administrative Rules-Public Health Sec. 695.30: Exceptions

c) Administrative Code-Public Health College Requirements
Sec. 694.210: Religious Exemption

3) What are lAC member’s names, addresses, job titles, lAC
service dates?

Please send transcript of 14 May 2014 IAC’s Chicago meeting.

For our children’s sake,

Barbara A. Mullarkey, president