Tomorrow 3/14 at 1pm, SB0741 is scheduled to be heard in the Public Health Committee hearing. If you have not signed a witness slip for the hearing you can do so now by clicking on witness slip for SB741.  (more detailed instructions)

We have been asked by a committee member to reach out to ALL members to voice our opposition, via phone, email, and fax. If you have not signed a witness slip for the hearing you can do so now.
Please do all you can.
Here is the contact list for the Sponsor and the Members of Public Health Committee –

•This contact MUST be personalized in order to get the attention of the committee members.
(Copy/pasted information gets ignored.)

•The subject line of the email, and the cover sheet of the fax MUST state something along the lines of…

•Please (in your own words) explain that you have a strong opposition to SB0741, and why this is PERSONALLY important to you. This part should be written at the top of the correspondence.

•Please be sure to let them know if you are a constituent.

•(This part may be used verbatim)
“It is unlawful and unconstitutional to require any person to receive a vaccination, against their will, as a condition of their employment, or otherwise. Any mandate must allow for religious exemptions (without prejudice or discrimination.)

•In closing, let them know that you have completed a witness slip in opposition, contacted the other committee members, and sent them an email/fax/call (whichever applies)

•Be sure to be respectful, and sign with the following:
Address AND/OR city & state
Phone number

Thank you ALL for your continued hard work. This is something that we can do if we work FAST and work together.