Calls needed to JCAR members Tuesday, 2/14

Wednesday morning, JCAR will vote on the Pub Act 99-0249 rule changes. This concerns Rules to implement new changes to schools vaccine exemption policy.

Note that: Illinois Department of Public Health is overstepping its authority.
The religious exemption rules do not reflect and contradict the law. The rule as well as the Certificate of Religious Exemption should be revised to reflect that the health care provider’s signature is only required for those entering K, 6th or 9th grades. The risks of vaccination is completely ignored.

The medical exemption details are omitted from the Rules, causing confusion as well as possible risk.

If you have had any difficulties with doctors signing the Certificate of Religious Exemption or have been kicked out of a practice for not vaccinating, please let them know.

Here is a list of each JCAR member’s Springfield phone number:
Don Harmon – (217) 782-8176
Keith Wheeler – (217) 782-1486
Bill Brady – (217) 782-6216
Karen McCannaughay – (217) 782-1977
Tony Munoz – (217) 782-9415
Ira Silverstein- (217) 782-5500
Gregory Harris – (217) 782-3835
Louis Lang – (217) 782-1252
Tom Demmer – (217) 782-0535
Andre Thapedi – (217) 782-1702
Peter Breen – (217) 782-8037